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RailTel is a complete spectrum that is expanding its horizons with RailWire

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

With a professional career spanning almost 30 years in multiple roles and capacity including administration and marketing, Sanjai Kumar, Director of Network Planning and Marketing in RailTel, fondly remembers company’s birth in the year 2000 and its subsequent rise and diversification, becoming a complete spectrum of services in the IT/ICT segment today.

Sanjai was amongst the first few professionals who helped lay the foundation for RailTel, about two decades back.

Speaking about its growth, he said, “though RailTel was merely a telecom company in its infancy, during the period of 2012-13 it began unfolding to its full potential by diversifying and has achieved greater success ever after. It led to the establishment of RailTel’s own data centers which proved instrumental in taking on better and bigger IT/ICT projects. We are now capable of undertaking telecom projects, non-telecom projects, railway signaling projects, and more.”

Today, RailTel is a complete spectrum in the IT/ICT segment and is expanding its horizons with RailWire, it’s high-speed broadband internet service in partnership with 6000+ communities starting from southern part of the country to the rest of India.”

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