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Anand Kumar Singh, Director Finance speaks of TSC — the three pillars that set RailWire apart.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Anand Kumar Singh, Director Finance RailTel, highlighted TSC as the three essential pillars that distinguish RailTel’s community lead broadband internet service - RailWire, from all the other broadband internet service providers.

Transparency: RailTel refrains from implying to provide a set speed by using ambiguous terminology. Instead, RailTel strives hard to keep the promises it makes.

Security: RailTel customer data is highly secured, making it increasingly difficult for hackers and others to fetch floating data.

Commitment: RailTel is constantly building and upgrading its network to reach the remotest parts of rural India with the best-in-class broadband connection for all.

He added, “These three pillars are the strength of RailWire. They also make it unique and the preferred broadband connection for the informed Indian consumer today.”

While COVID-19 forced some IT employees and others to work from home who desperately needed a reliable broadband connection, India is also seeing a surge in ‘digital nomads.’

Thankfully for RailTel, RailWire — our broadband internet service in partnership with over 5000+ communities in India, rose to cater to this necessity most efficiently, setting an example amongst other Indian players in this sector.

As a government of India enterprise under the ministry of railways, we have more stringent policies when it comes to customer data privacy.

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