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The Indian telecom sector is the second largest in the world and witnessed an exponential growth last year.

According to the latest report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), total wireline broadband subscriber base as on 31st August, 2021 stood at 24.29 million as compared to 21.70 million subscribers on 31 March, 2019. Total wireless broadband subscribers as on 31st August 2021 is reported to be 789.18 million.

The gap is glaring and leaves a huge scope for wired broadband internet service like RailWire to grow. “The passing year has presented an enormous opportunity to all players in the wired broadband market to expand. While the opportunity is as real for RailWire, we are in an extremely competitive market. Discounted tariffs, newer technology, and aggressive marketing strategies is what RailWire is up against. However, there’s enough for all the players to have a piece of the pie,” says Puneet Chawla, CMD, RailTel for over two years now.

“RailTel’s RailWire is creating a niche by taking high-speed broadband internet to the remotest parts of the country and tapping entrepreneurial potential at grassroots level. Not many telecom companies can boast of this sort of commitment towards the growth of rural India,” Chawla emphasises.

Puneet Chawla is confident the existing mix of public and private sector patrons of RailTel will continue fueling RailWire - its’s high-speed Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband internet service in partnership with 6000+ communities in India.

“We have added 2,45,049 subscribers and 2,711 ANPs since mid last year. As on 21st October 2021, RailWire’s total subscriber base was 4,17,132 and the number of access network providers (ANPs) stood at 6,274,” he adds.

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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

With a professional career spanning almost 30 years in multiple roles and capacity including administration and marketing, Sanjai Kumar, Director of Network Planning and Marketing in RailTel, fondly remembers company’s birth in the year 2000 and its subsequent rise and diversification, becoming a complete spectrum of services in the IT/ICT segment today.

Sanjai was amongst the first few professionals who helped lay the foundation for RailTel, about two decades back.

Speaking about its growth, he said, “though RailTel was merely a telecom company in its infancy, during the period of 2012-13 it began unfolding to its full potential by diversifying and has achieved greater success ever after. It led to the establishment of RailTel’s own data centers which proved instrumental in taking on better and bigger IT/ICT projects. We are now capable of undertaking telecom projects, non-telecom projects, railway signaling projects, and more.”

Today, RailTel is a complete spectrum in the IT/ICT segment and is expanding its horizons with RailWire, it’s high-speed broadband internet service in partnership with 6000+ communities starting from southern part of the country to the rest of India.”

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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Anand Kumar Singh, Director Finance RailTel, highlighted TSC as the three essential pillars that distinguish RailTel’s community lead broadband internet service - RailWire, from all the other broadband internet service providers.

Transparency: RailTel refrains from implying to provide a set speed by using ambiguous terminology. Instead, RailTel strives hard to keep the promises it makes.

Security: RailTel customer data is highly secured, making it increasingly difficult for hackers and others to fetch floating data.

Commitment: RailTel is constantly building and upgrading its network to reach the remotest parts of rural India with the best-in-class broadband connection for all.

He added, “These three pillars are the strength of RailWire. They also make it unique and the preferred broadband connection for the informed Indian consumer today.”

While COVID-19 forced some IT employees and others to work from home who desperately needed a reliable broadband connection, India is also seeing a surge in ‘digital nomads.’

Thankfully for RailTel, RailWire — our broadband internet service in partnership with over 5000+ communities in India, rose to cater to this necessity most efficiently, setting an example amongst other Indian players in this sector.

As a government of India enterprise under the ministry of railways, we have more stringent policies when it comes to customer data privacy.

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